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from Toronto, Ontario

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The Kit Bekkers Show crew

Kit Bekkers – a.k.a. Baag Taitai (Mrs. “Bek” in Cantonese) has been entertaining and educating the public for decades through her triple identity – an actress /producer, on-air journalist, and radio programme host. Kit has had the pleasure of interviewing people from all walks of life including actors, singers, politicians, business leaders as well as everyday people who all had a good story to tell.

In between these commitments, she is also a financial professional with a focus on living benefits, helping families to avoid financial disaster due to a catastrophic accident or sickness. Kit finds good and humour in everyday encounters with a natural curiosity and positive outlook. Her fun-loving and inquisitive nature really shone through during her days with OMNI TV for the programme “Culture Avenue”, a community-focused magazine programme that showcased the kaleidoscope of cultures in Alberta.  Kit was also a live radio programme host in Vancouver who interacted with callers and in-studio guests to answer questions ranging from the garage all the way to the bedroom. Kit brings energy, life and new perspective into any topic she covers.  She uses her passion for people, history, culture, places, and language to tell stories in Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese.  She likes travelling, spending time volunteering at cultural festivals, photographing the sights and sharing the experience with others.  A five volume photo-album of her cross-North America road trip is the living proof.  (Yup, that trip took place before smart phones.) Having lived in 3 of the 4 biggest cities in the country between Vancouver and Toronto, and having travelled all 10 provinces from B.C. to Newfoundland, Kit has a very unique perspective in the happenings from coast to coast.  Come learn with “Baag Taitai” about the stories and people that bring interest and colour to our communities.

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