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Teresa Woodson.  A germinis raised with traditional Chinese and Catholic moral values. She is Versatile, Youthful, Curious and Fun but is very serious in relationship. Teresa had been in the radio broadcasting industry for 10 years. A student DJ for the ethnic radio station (Chinese Programme) at the University of Western Ontario (4 years) A DJ and Programme Producer for the official broadcasting station of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) (5 years) A WebJ and Programme Producer for an Internet Broadcasts (1 year) Teresa believes her mission in the radio broadcasting industry is to spread kindness and bring positive energy to her audience. She would share meaningful thoughts, inspiring stories, motivational quotes and great music with her audience to keep them company and to keep them positive! Her height may be only 5'1 but her attitude is 6'2 at least. She even says "Be Strong" to her home wifi! Born in Hong Kong but raised in Canada for most of her school years, Teresa returned to Hong Kong after her university graduation. Now, being a single mom with two lovely young daughters, Teresa decides to go back to Canada with them to start their new lives because she believes that life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by a change! So whether you are cloudy, rainy or sunny today, tune in and let Teresa be your rainbow. Keep you company, Keep you Positive!

Kit Bekkers – a.k.a. Baag Taitai (Mrs. “Bek” in Cantonese) has been entertaining and educating the public for decades through her triple identity – an actress /producer, on-air journalist, and radio programme host. Kit has had the pleasure of interviewing people from all walks of life including actors, singers, politicians, business leaders as well as everyday people who all had a good story to tell.

In between these commitments, she is also a financial professional with a focus on living benefits, helping families to avoid financial disaster due to a catastrophic accident or sickness. Kit finds good and humour in everyday encounters with a natural curiosity and positive outlook. Her fun-loving and inquisitive nature really shone through during her days with OMNI TV for the programme “Culture Avenue”, a community-focused magazine programme that showcased the kaleidoscope of cultures in Alberta.  Kit was also a live radio programme host in Vancouver who interacted with callers and in-studio guests to answer questions ranging from the garage all the way to the bedroom. Kit brings energy, life and new perspective into any topic she covers.  She uses her passion for people, history, culture, places, and language to tell stories in Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese.  She likes travelling, spending time volunteering at cultural festivals, photographing the sights and sharing the experience with others.  A five volume photo-album of her cross-North America road trip is the living proof.  (Yup, that trip took place before smart phones.) Having lived in 3 of the 4 biggest cities in the country between Vancouver and Toronto, and having travelled all 10 provinces from B.C. to Newfoundland, Kit has a very unique perspective in the happenings from coast to coast.  Come learn with “Baag Taitai” about the stories and people that bring interest and colour to our communities.

So damn good Paul show! Remember when I was a kid ... so fond of candies and chocolates especially those assorted ones. My taste kinda resembles my career. Even now those sweet treats are still appealing to me. Instead of calling myself a professional of assortment, I am, really in general terms, a generalist with a wide spectrum of skills and experience including research, project implementation, management, financial planning, seniors housing operation, radio and television broadcasting, news and program production, media and entertainment production. Life is really interesting in a sense that who knows what is lying ahead and yet we just keep going and exploring. The funny thing is ... when you look back, there seems like a path leading to where you are at now. The path behind you there lays all the gems, precious stones and, of course, occasionally some rough rocks or even lump of coals. Come. We will explore together variety of things, interesting topics and what is happening in my dearest city - Edmonton. It is gonna be so dame good. You just don't wanna miss any of it. Paul Cheung

The most beautiful thing we can all bring to this world is our own perspective. The question that we can ask ourselves sometimes, would I be doing the same thing in that same situation? If yes, then you likely had a similar experience in the past, and if not, have you considered? I am a man of questions, not answers. Different questions can lead us to different answers, sometimes I ask to have the answer I want, and sometimes I ask to get a different perspective and also different thinking. I've experienced the first 8 years of my life in Hong Kong, can still speak fluent Cantonese, thanks to all those canto shows, plus siblings & cousins that speaks it often. The rest of the time I've been living in Edmonton majority of the time, and in the last year migrated to Calgary. I'm lucky enough to have found the love of my life, she is kind, loving, loyal, incredibly sexy, I'm so blessed to have her in my life. Lucky enough also to have found my passion in work, educating Canadians on money and finance, helping families get to financial independence. Incredible support from family also, my dad isn't the tradition Asian parent, that wants me to be a doctor, one that actually allows me to experience what I want, and go on an unorthodox road. When I'm not working, I'm really into cars, so naturally I like to drive, eat, explore, meditate, and continually find ways to self improve. But not to say we can all expand on this list right? Let's all expand on our perspectives together in this next part of the journey together!

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